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2425 S. Garfield Ave.
Los Angeles, Ca 90040
Tel: (800) 581-3535
Fax: (323) 278-1980

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In 1939 Entenmann-Rovin introduced their "Carltone" Gold and "Platiloy" silver alloy metals. These depth-tone metals were especially formulated to give our gold badges the look of rich, solid gold and our silver badges the silvery richness of platinum and eliminating the need for superficial plating. A few of the benefits are:

  • Reasonable Initial Costs
  • Reasonable Maintenance Costs
  • French Cloisonné High Temperature Enamels
  • Can Be Welded at High Temperature
  • Beautifully Embossed
  • Chases and Engraves Richly
  • Tough and Enduring

Do not confuse our designs and quality with imitations. We offer actual samples of our badges for your inspection and testing so that you will not be confused by substitutions.

Our constant concern is to offer the greatest value of beauty, economics and endurance to you and to our many friends who have reciprocated with their loyalty and recognition of our leadership, and for this, we would like to thank you all.


Entenmann-Rovin Co.


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